Wheelgoods specializes in supplying parts & equipment for alternative transportation solutions. Parking congestion, rising oil prices, global warming and exercise are all reasons the scope of urban mobility is changing. Our products are geared toward helping people develop the greatest freedom of mobility, safely & securely at the lowest cost.

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logoSM_body-seating.jpg Body & Seating Complete replacement fiberglass pedicab body units, seats, seatpost, fenders, chainguards, shims, trim and more.
logoSM_brakes-steering.jpg Brakes & Steering Brake systems, handlebars, headset, stem, cables, calipers, hydraulic systems, components, brakefluid and more.
logoSM_covers-canopies.jpg Covers & Canopies Pedicab rain covers, sun canopies, mounting equipment, canopy frames, replacement fabric, hinges, snaps and more.
logoSM_drivetrain.jpg Drivetrain Parts Pedicab drivetrain parts including cranks, axles, chains, pedals, forks, bearings, shifter cables and derailleur components.
logoSM_electrical.jpg Electrical System Optima, Werker & Power Sonic Batteries, Battery Tender equipment, electrical wireing harnesses, fuses and switches.
logoSM_frame-suspension.jpg Frame & Suspension Complete frames and sub-frames for all models of pedicab. Electric frames with extra support and undercarriage suspension.
logoSM_lights-safety.jpg Lights & Safety Fixed & retractable seat belts, running lights, mirrors, headlights, reflectors, signal lights, covers and a bell.
logoSM_tools.jpg Tools Allen wrench, Tri-Flow Lube, Slime Tire Sealer, grip tape, bleed kit, and wheel key.
logoSM_wheels-tires.jpg Wheels & Tires Complete & partial wheels, MTN/road tires, rims, hubs, tubes, liners and spokes.

To learn more about our Pedicabs or the Pedicab business in general, please call 303-656-0103. For technical support, help with parts orders and all other inquiries, please call 303-295-3822.
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